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Sundays Are BACK!

February 20th, 2009
Dear Members: We have experienced several challenges in the first two months of this year. We greatly appreciate your patience as the City works out their problems. The new hours go into effect this weekend. We will be playing again on Sundays from 12-4:30 pm. Saturday hours will be 10-3:30. We worked out a deal with the City and the Badminton club to purchase 9 hours on Saturday, Sunday and during the week. This may cost more than we originally expected especially since the City has announced that they are going to increase the hourly fee 20% in April. As most of you know, our long time treasurer, Neil, has resigned. To date we have been unsuccessful in finding a new treasurer. This leaves a huge gap in our program. At Neil’s suggestion, we are going to hire part time assistance treasurers that will be responsible for collecting dues and organizing other functions at the club. Brana Vlassic and Earl Altos will share the position. We urge you to cooperate with them and assist them in carrying out their duties. The dues for 2009 are $100 per year, $30 for Juniors and $100.00 per family. Daily rates are $5 for adults and $1 for juniors. We will establish a membership desk at the front of the club. Please ask for a receipt whenever you pay for your membership. All players will be expected to carry their membership cards or receipts for payment at all times when playing. Players that fail to bring their cards will be expected to pay the daily fee. We hope to do a better job of collecting daily fees so that we can keep membership dues as low as possible. Members that paid $50 previously are expected to pay the additional $50.00. If a member has a financial hardship, scholarships are available. Please speak to Brana, Earl, Angie or myself. The Board also voted to move the junior training back to the 1st two rows of the club. This will assist the collection process as the junior parents and other volunteer collectors will be manning the membership tables. The juniors have priority on the first two rows on Monday, Tuesday & Friday nights and also on Saturdays. Please be courteous when you are asked to move prior to the start of junior training. Lastly, a number of members expressed concern over the fee increase and want to make sure that the money is spent wisely. The board has approved a budget for 2009 (click here to view) . Given the uncertainties, we hope to meet or exceed the goals and objective set forth in this budget. The expected increased revenue is going to fund the purchase of the hours from the City, the 50th year Gala and also the assistant treasurers positions while maintaining our other member services (leagues, tournaments, web site, clinics etc…). We were forced to make cuts in other areas. Unfortunately, the club’s investments suffered along with everyone elses in the recent and ongoing financial turmoil. Please feel free to contact me if you questions or concerns regarding club activities at jh4484@cox.net. Jerry Harris Chairman SDTTA