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Meeting Minutes: 5-10-2013

 San Diego Table Tennis Association Board Meeting

May 10, 2013

Balboa Park Activity Center


This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA.


Call to order 7:06 pm by James.

SDTTA Board Members Present: Shelley Hardy, James Kahn, Mark Adelman, Shariq Ansari and Bill Chang

SDTTA Board Member absent:  Kiet Tran


Communications not on agenda have a limit of 3 minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Chang presented the Treasurer’s Report, which is reconciled thru April 30, 2013. A check for $168 was written to pay for the rental van used to take SDTTA members to the Friendship tournament in Ensenada.  James will attend the BPAC board meeting to put to vote and request that BPAC sponsor and pay the rental fee for the Neil Smyth Memorial Tournament in October.  Bill and Kiet will coordinate with Attila for this tournament.


The motion to approve the March SDTTA board meeting minutes was made by James and seconded by Bill.  The board approved the minutes.


The motion to approve the April SDTTA board meeting minutes was made by Shariq and seconded by James.  The board approved the minutes.


Webmaster Report/ Daryl Sterling – No report.


Membership Report – No report.


Equipment Report: Andre is out of the country so we will postpone our inquiries regarding the new tables until he gets back.  The board needs to gather more information about the best tables for the club.

SDTTA will sell four blue tables for $600.  James will go through the tables and pick the four out.  It has been proposed to sell 2 tables to Mira Mesa for $600 each by Mark and seconded by James.  The vote to approve was 4 and 1 no.  James will let the spokesperson for Mira Mesa of the SDTTA board’s decision.


Old Business:

1.    A conference call to Attila Malek was held during the meeting to discuss the upcoming Neil Smyth Memorial Table Tennis Tournament held in October.

  1. A SDTTA committee formed to make this tournament a success.

  2. Find a host tournament hotel for out of town players.

  3. Contact the widow of Neil Smyth and his family and ask if they would like to be a sponsor.

  4. It was recommended to invite top players to participate and not charge them the entry fee.  Attila will create an invitational letter to be sent to the top players.

  5. The prize money is estimated to be $6,000.

2.     The SDTTA Board Member position will be voted on at the next board meeting.  Two possible candidates are Fernando Isaiza and Benham Kazemi.


New Business:  It has been noted by SDTTA members that overly aggressive behavior has been occurring at the club.  The SDTTA board members agree that a message posted and put on our website is necessary to remind players and members that overly aggressive conduct will not be tolerated in the future.  A warning will be forth coming from the SDTTA members to anyone displaying overly aggressive behavior/language as stated in the bylaws of SDTTA.  The player may lose their membership privileges and be banned from the club.


The motion to adjourn was made by Mark and seconded by Bill.


The next meeting is June 14, 2013.


Respectfully Submitted,


Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary


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