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Meeting Minutes: 2-21-2012

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting, 2012

February 21, 2012

7:05 PM

Balboa Park Activity Center Board Room

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA. Call to order 7:12 pm by Ron. SDTTA Board Members Present:    Ron Spencer, Bill Chang, James Kahn, Borko Dragojlovic, Shelley Hardy, Earl Alto and Shariq Ansari The approval of January 10, 2012 minutes was made by Shelley and seconded by Borko. Communications not on the agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. Action Items:
  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Chang passed out the Treasurer’s Report that has reconciled us through January 31, 2012.
  2. Webmaster Report – Daryl Sterling:  Daryl would like all concerns regarding website to be emailed to him.
  3. Peewee / Jr Report / Angie – Brana – Earl:  Earl is on the board so he has volunteered to be the go between for communications to Stell/Angie coaching group.  The discussion regarding Jr team will be tabled until the next board meeting.
  4. Equipment/Executive Director’s report:  Borko stated that players are breaking the nets at a rapid  rate.  He needs help with care of equipment and James will be working with him. It was suggested to protect the net assembly by keeping the assembly in the metal cabinet and then taken to the tables.  This action will be put on the SDTTA website with a sign posted for members to obtain the nets.  Ron and Shelley will meet to clean the metal cabinet out making space for the nets.
  5. Membership report – Borko:  Not available.  Borko will contact Mark Adelman to get the website to order membership covers.
Old Business:
  1. Tournament Update:  Earl has come up with Columbus Day weekend October 6 – 7th to have the Neal Smythe Memorial Tournament.  Earl consulted with Sungil and Angie about having a Giant round robin on Saturday limiting it to 60 people then having a small regular tournament on Sunday.   The fee for Saturday’s round robin would be $45.
  2. Membership Enforcement – Everyone’s Duty – Thursday night is a good night for membership collection.  Phil can print a current membership on Thursday night round robin.  Board members can go to players that night and get them signed up during play.  Borko has been volunteering his time Thursday night to collect daily play fees and taking new membership fees.

New issues:

1 Tournament request from Anthony LaChica who represents San Diego fire fighters who want to have a small table tennis tournament at our facility.  The request has been approved by the San Diego Table Tennis Board Members.

2 SDTTA sign up for membership to USTTA.  USTTA gives our club a 15% discount when we send our members forms to join and be a member of USTTA.  The fee to join is now $49.  SDTTA voted to pass this discount to the members who want to join USTTA.  The cost to each SDTTA member is $42 and the member will pay to a SDTTA board member with the form that amount.

  1. No sitting on tables enforcement:  The SDTTA board members want to enforce that no one should be sitting on the tables for any reason.

  2. Sample barriers and table from HiQua TT.  Ron spoke to a sales representative of HiQua who has tables and barriers that our club may want to check for future needs and quality.  The rep has not gotten back to Ron.  Ron will email the board about getting sample barriers which can have the SDTTA name on them.

James made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Borko.

The next meeting is March 13, 2012.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary

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