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Meeting Minutes: 12-14-2012

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting

December 14, 2012

Balboa Park Activity Center

 This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA.
Call to order 7:12 pm by Ron.
SDTTA Board Members Present:  Ron Spencer, Borko Dragojlovic, Shelley Hardy, James Kahn, Frederick Cheung and Bill Chang.  Congratulations to newly elected board members for the 2013/2014 years, Kiet Tran, Ron Spencer, and James Kahn.
SDTTA Board Member Absent:  Shariq AnsariSDTTA Member Present:  Bob Webb Communications not on agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. The approval of the SDTTA Board Member minutes for October was made by James and seconded by Frederick. Treasurer’s Report.  Bill Chang presented the Treasurer’s Report, which is reconciled thru November 30, 2012.  Dave Umel donated $50 to club.  $4,200 was deposited this month including membership.  The club spent money on tournament balls, nets and Mike Meiers. 2013 membership stickers were purchased and they are green.  Frederick will meet with Bill to set up the square up system for members to pay by phone. Selected members may register members using square up. Webmaster Report/ Daryl Sterling – No report. Peewee/Jr Report/Ron and Borko- No report. Membership Report: Borko stated that membership is at 289. Equipment Report- Borko stated that in order to keep dealer price account with Butterfly that we need spend $4,000.  The club cannot guarantee the need for spending that amount this year.  Andre Scott may be a rep for us for Juic supplies. Executive Director’s report – James Kahn wrote up goals for SDTTA to solve:
  1. Mission Statement – priority.  Bob Webb volunteered to send us this week 4 possible Mission Statements for us to choose for SDTTA.  He will email them to Shelley in a few days.  Board members will give their input.
  2. 2013 membership dues will be activated by contacting Daryl to clear the membership list and setting Paypal up.  The board will encourage members to sign up on line, members may also write checks or pay cash.  Starting February 1, 2013 there will be a $5 daily fee for all nonmembers.  Members need to show their 2013 sticker while playing.
  3. New Business to discuss at January meeting:
    1. Recruiting volunteers to help club operate
    2. Public relations reinstated
    3. League playing with Ensenada club/policy on other clubs/Jr program reinstated
  4. Board Positions will be voted on at January meeting.
  5. Getting lessons & training ideas can be brought up at the February meeting.
  6. Suggestions to get members more involved include tournaments, leagues, and double tournaments.
  7. A goal to organize the club room and check status of tables that need to be repaired.
It was brought up to charge existing members who did not sign up before Feb 1st a $10 fee. The motion was made by Shelley and seconded by Frederick.  Ron will contact Daryl about this motion.  *  After thinking through this motion, Ron made a Chairperson decision to not have a $10 late fee for past members.  The $5 daily fee starting February 1st for all nonmembers will be enforced. The motion to adjourn was made by Ron and seconded by Shelley. The next meeting is January 11, 2013. Respectfully Submitted, Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary
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