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Meeting Minutes: 12-13-2011

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting, 2011

December 13, 2011

Balboa Park Activity Center Board Room

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA. Call to order by Ron at 7:07 pm. SDTTA Board Members Present:     Mark, James, Borko, Ron Spencer, Bill, Earl and Shelley SDTTA Member Present:  Sungil, Phil Vanderlin, and Emilion SDTTA Board Member minutes for the month of November, 2011 were passed.  The motion to pass was made by Mark and seconded by Borko Treasurers Report:  Bill passed out the treasurer’s report which is reconciled through November 30, 2011. Communications not on the agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. Current Items:

Congratulations to the newly elected board members for the years 2012 & 21013.  Bill Chang, Shelley Hardy, Borko and Shariq Ansari were elected.  It was decided to vote on positions at January’s meeting.

New Business: Ron invited SDTTA members who have experience with running tournaments to give input on hosting a 3 to 4 star Neil Smythe Memorial Tournament.  The intention is to host this tournament annually.  Sungil explained that we can explore different avenues to center the tournament around such as:  a national champion invitational, honoring veterans, or a charity event. The discussion included trying to determine how big of a tournament did we want.  The range included a 4 star through to a 2 star. Earl Alto was elected by the board to be Tournament Director.  The motion to nominate Earl was made by Shelley and seconded by Mark. The tournament committee needed to support Earl volunteered are:

Angie Bengston

Mark Adelman – help

Phil Van der phil – help

Emilion – promotion

Ron Spencer-sponsorship


All SDTTA members are invited to help and are needed to help make this tournament a success.

  1. Equipment/membership report:  Borko stated that the current membership is around 300.
  2. Webmaster Report/Daryl Sterling:  no report
  3. Pewee/Jr Report/Angie- Brana-Earl.  No report.
  4. Executive Director’s report:  No report.
The next meeting is January 10, 2012. The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mark and seconded by James. Respectfully Submitted, Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary
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