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Meeting Minutes: 10-10-2014

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San Diego Table Tennis Association Board Meeting

October 10th, 2014

Balboa Park Activity Center

  This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA. Call to order 7:04pm by James. SDTTA Board Members Present: Bob Koch, Behnam Kazemi, John Anderson, Borko Dragojlovic, Mark Adelman and James Kahn. SDTTA Board Member(s) absent: Simon Lee. SDTTA Member(s) Present: D.J. Alto, Jene, Lyndelle and Michele(BPAC rep) Communications not on agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. The motion was made to approve the SDTTA Board Member minutes for August 2014 by Mark and seconded by James. The Board carried the motion. Treasurer’s Report:  None. Webmaster Report/ Daryl Sterling: No report. Membership Report: Our current paid membership count is. Equipment Report: Our current table count is 30. Action Items:
  1. Jene discussed having a women’s training group with D.J. Alto. It was brought up by the Board that having D.J. Alto being the trainer would be overkill and maybe an intermediate-skilled player would suffice. Jene will spearhead the project and see how much interest there is.
  2. D.J. Alto discussed the progress of the Juniors program and has a good core of 7 kids and as many as 10 have shown up.
  3. D.J. Alto was requesting $100 per student for the Juniors group participation. Bob suggested that a flat group fee would work better than a per student rate. After much debate, the Board came up with a monthly compensational fee of $250, with the balance to be paid by the parents. Mark made a motion to set the monthly payment to D.J. Alto at $250 and James seconded the motion. It was passed by the Board with Borko and Behnam abstaining.
  4. Michele addressed the Board on the future closing (2015) of the gym for 3 weeks in order for  the floor to be resurfaced. We suggested that the December holiday season would probably work the best for us. She agreed and will suggest this when the time comes to schedule the work.
  5. Michele  talked to the Board about the requirements and insurance responsibilities of  anyone wanting to become an independent contractor. She gave all Board members a handout on the BPAC requirements for independent contractors.
  6. The Board will submit to BPAC our proposal to have the Club hours change, so that the start time will be the same for all days, which will be 4:00pm. This will only affect Mondays and Fridays. The closing time will remain unchanged.
  7. Borko requested that the Board meeting agenda be submitted at least 1 week in advance of the scheduled meeting. This will give members time to research any topic that will be brought up for discussion.
    The motion to adjourn was made by James and seconded by Mark at 9:15pm.   The next meeting is November 11th at 7:00pm.   Respectfully Submitted,   Bob Koch, SDTTA Secretary  
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