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Meeting Minutes: 1-11-2013

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting

January 11, 2013

Balboa Park Activity Center

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA. Call to order 7:00 pm by James. SDTTA Board Members Present: Borko Dragojlovic, Shelley Hardy, James Kahn, Kiet Tran, Shariq Ansari, and Bill Chang SDTTA Member Present:  Bob Webb, Frederick Cheung, and Mickey Farrel Communications not on agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. The motion was made to approve the SDTTA Board Member minutes for December by James and seconded by Borko.  The board carried the motion. Bill made a motion to accept the results of the 2013 election.  Borko seconded it.  The motion was passed.  Ron Spencer, James Kahn and Kiet Tran were elected to be on the 2013 – 2014 SDTTA Board. Ron let the board know last week that he was moving to Florida for a job.  After a long discussion, nominations for Ron’s vacant position were made.  Shelley nominated a past board member, Mark Adelman.  Borko nominated Mickey Farrel. The board members voted using a paper ballot.  Frederick counted the votes.  Mark received 5 votes and Mickey received 1.  Mark was voted to the 2013 – 2014 SDTTA board. The topic to make an addendum and add another board member to the SDTTA By-Laws/Constitution will be added to February’s Board Meeting. Board Positions were voted on and are as follows: Secretary:  James made the motion to nominate Shelley Hardy and seconded by Borko.  The Shelley was elected to be Secretary. Treasurer:  Shelley made the motion to nominate Bill Chang and seconded by James. Bill was elected Treasurer. Chairman:  Shelley made the motion to nominate James Kahn and seconded by Kiet.  James was elected to be Chairman with one abstention from Borko. Vice Chairman: Shariq made the motion to nominate Kiet Tran and seconded by Bill.   Kiet was elected Vice Chairman. Members Relations Director:  Shariq made the motion to nominate Borko and seconded by James.  Borko was elected Members Relations Director. Executive Director:  James made the motion to nominate Shariq and seconded by Kiet.  Shariq was elected Executive Director. Public Relations Director:  This position will be voted on at the February SDTTA Board Meeting. Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Chang presented the Treasurer’s Report, which is reconciled thru December 31, 2012. Bill will submit the yearend report to be audited.  James nominated Mickey Farrel to audit report. Bill will give the report to Mickey as soon as possible (by the end of this month).  Frederick will help Mickey audit the report. Bill will give this report to BPAC.  Bill wrote a check for $603 to renew SDTTA’s three – year contract with the BPAC (Balboa Park Activity Center). Bill sent out an email that he ordered SDTTA checks and received the purchased membership pouches. Webmaster Report/ Daryl Sterling – No report. Peewee/Jr Report/ Borko – No report. Membership Report:  James brought up the need to focus on getting the 2013 membership drive more organized.  Kiet volunteered to take membership dues on Thursday nights when players are signing up for the round robin run by Phil.  James stated that he would back up Kiet Thursday nights. Equipment Report- No report. New Business:
  1. Frederick representing NCTTA has asked to use our facility for their college tournament on February 2nd during our hours.  They will leave a few rows for our members to use and as the day goes on more tables will be available.  The board voted yes to allow NCTTA to have their tournament.
  2. Kiet volunteered to access the QUALCOMM website to see what type of sponsorship we may be able to get for our club.  SDTTA is open to sponsorships.
  3. Frederick submitted a final SDTTA Mission Statement as follows:  The Mission of SDTTA is to foster a community of table tennis enthusiasts; a place where players of all levels can discover their passion for the sport, develop their skills and health, and compete regularly in a friendly atmosphere.  James made a motion to accept this Mission statement seconded by Borko.  The vote was unanimous.
  4. Each year SDTTA fills out a BPAC form to reserve the meeting room for our monthly board meetings.  I filled out the form and wrote a check for $100 to City of San Diego today.
Old Business:  James will contact Mike Meier who was referee for the Neil Smyth Memorial Table Tennis Tournament and see what information was given to the USTTA.  It seems the ratings were not posted or adjusted correctly.  He will also contact Ron to help with this problem. The motion to adjourn was made by James and seconded by Borko. The next meeting is February 15, 2013. Respectfully Submitted, Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary
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