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League Play, City Fees & Board Members

March 21st, 2009
Dear Members: Welcome Back.  We are open again!  Just want to bring you up to date.  We have a new league starting this Friday.  We have a new board member.  I want to clarify the training and table policy so there is no confusion.  The City has just posted their new fee schedule for comment which is scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2009. Earl & Brana will be running a league starting this Friday.  Sign ups are still being taken.  Fee is $25.  Team will consist of 3 people and will follow the Olympic format.  See Earl or Brana to sign up. Jr. Training will will have priority in the first two rows.  Five tables may be placed in rows 1, 4 & 5.  The middle two rows (2 & 3) will have four tables only.  We would like to accomodate as many people as possible while maintaining safety in play.  Please be courteous. The Board is happy to welcome Mark Adelman.  He will serve as the new treasurer.  Additionally, Bill Cooper has agreed to serve as Secretary and Priscilla Umel is now has the job of Member Relations and James Kahn is Vice-chair.  We appreciate Mark taking on this job.  Brana and Earl will continue to assist the treasurer in collecting fees and running the club.  The board considered a number of policies related to member fees.  The two modifications that were approved were that members can bring first time guests at no charge.  We want to encourage new people to join the club.  So if you have a friend that you would like to invite, their first visit will be free.  We also adopted a hardship policy.  If a person has financial or other difficulty paying the dues, the procedure is to fill out a hardship form  for a fee waiver.  Suresh K. has agreed to consider hardship waivers.  Confidential information can be submitted to Suresh for his consideration.  Brana, Earl or other board members can provide more detail. Lastly,  the City is raising the fees they charge the club and for use of all public facilities.  Initially, there will be a $600 charge to SDTTA.  The ongoing fees charged for purchasing extra hours is going to increase by 20%.   We anticipated this and the current fee structure will cover the extra expenses. However, fees charged by the City for Clinics and Tournaments will increase by more than 20%.  This may put in danger our NATT tournaments and other functions. There is still a chance that our hours will be modified next month in the on going financial crisis at the City.  There will be a hearing today at 2:00 at the Balboa Park Club.  and another meeting on April 1 at City Council.  Please contact me at jh4484@cox.net if you can be present at either of these meetings.  We are working hard to represent your interests and keep you informed. Jerry Harris, Chairman