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Meeting Minutes: 12-28-2010

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San Diego Table Tennis Association Special Board Meeting

December 28, 2010

Call to order by Mark.

SDTTA Board Members Present: Bill Cooper, James, Borko, Mark, Shelley, and Scott. Bill Chang was unable to attend. SDTTA 2011 newly elected Board Members present: Ron Spencer and Jock Oubichon. Action Items: New member sign up procedures and incentives for 2011. It was decided by the SDTTA board that the most efficient signup method was to use the SDTTA website and these members will bring their receipt. A board member will issue the 2011 sticker to existing members and a membership card with a 2011 sticker to new members. Enforcement for existing members will be effective February 1, 2011 ($5 daily fee for non members). James recommended that a list of current members be posted on our SDTTA notice board starting 2/1/11 and updated weekly. A motion was made by Bill Cooper and passed by the board to have as an incentive a $10 discount to all single members ($90) and family members ($110) who sign up before 2/1/11. Ron made a motion that he would speak to Daryl about the possibility of printing up a membership card on line off the SDTTA website. The motion was made by Borko and passed by Bill Cooper. Respectfully Submitted, Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary
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