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Meeting Minutes: 06-16-2009

San Diego Table Tennis Association Board Meeting June 16, 2009 7:00 pm BPAC Board Room This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA

SDTTA Board Members Present:  Jerry Harris, Angie Bengtsson, Bill Cooper, Scott Roberts, Mark Adelman, James Kahn Call to Order:  Jerry Harris 7:05 pm Agenda:  Provided by Jerry Harris Approval of Minutes:  No corrections noted.  Motion to approve made by Mark Adelman, second by Bill Cooper.  Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report:
  1. Bank Signer Card  –  Jerry Harris reported that the bank signer card has not yet been changed.  He will arrange to meet with Mark Adelman at Union Bank in order to add Mark as a signer, in addition to Jerry Harris and Bill Cooper, and remove Neil Smyth from the signer’s card, as previously approved.
  2. Stock Report / Policy – Discussed moving money out of the separate brokerage account and placing it into a money market account at Union Bank.  Motion made by Mark Adelman to close the stock account and put it into a money market account.  Second by Bill Cooper.  Motion carried.
  3. Income Statement Report (Mark) – About $1800-2000 were collected in dues for the past month due to concerted efforts by board members to track and manage collection of membership dues.   The overall total shows a loss due to the purchase of new tables this past quarter.
Mission Statement: Jerry reported that the mission statement online and in the By-laws may need to be updated.  It was agreed that everyone will think about what to add and/or delete to the existing mission statement for further discussion at the next meeting. Membership Report:
  1. Membership Collections / Procedure – “Bring a friend for one time free” has been found to be unworkable because too many people are involved in the collection process.  It will be $5/person/day for non-members.
  2. Data base (Mark) – A shortlist of names and payments made will be distributed to Board members to help facilitate membership dues collections.
Board Members – unexcused absences:  Jock has sent email stating that Priscilla Umel would like to resign from the Board.  Bill Cooper made a motion to accept the resignation and thank Priscilla for her years of service.  Second by James Kahn.  Motion carried. Calendar:
  1. Jock has also sent email stating his resignation from the BPAC Rec Council and from coaching with the Pee Wee group.  Jerry Harris will send a thank you email to Jock and wishing him well.  The beginning Pee Wee group meets on Saturdays from 11:30 to 12:30.  We will need a new head coach for the Pee Wees.  Mark Adelman will help out until a new head coach can be found.
  2. Stellan and Angie Bengtsson will be out of town until sometime in September.
  3. July 19, 2009 (Sun)= California State Games (divided by age, not ratings).
  4. October = NATT Tournament.
  5. November = Club Tournament.
Linda Vista Training Facility:  Angie reported that she attended the Linda Vista Rec Council meeting.  The Rec Council approved the following schedule.  The facilities will be open on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings for junior training.  It will have open play on Saturday afternoons.  SDTTA needs to provide coaching for one hour.  We will start in September after Stellan and Angie returns.  We may be able to pick up more hours later.  We will need adequate supervision over the equipment by SDTTA members at all times. NATT Letter: Jerry Harris reported that NATT/JOOLA made an offer to sell us 25 tables at $600/table, for a total cost of around $18,000.  These tables usually sell for $1600/table.  However, the nets stay attached to the table and cannot be adjusted.  Since we are getting better deals now with the Butterfly tables, Jerry will respond by requesting a few free tables to try out first. Insurance D & O: The present insurance expires on July 1, 2009.  A renewal policy will cost $800 – 900.  USATT provides the medical insurance which costs about $2000.  Motion to renew D & O Insurance made by Bill Cooper.  Second by James Kahn.  Motion carried. Equipment Report:  Bill Cooper reported “so far so good” on the status of tables and nets.  He stated that Andro no longer makes the tall barriers, so all members should be more careful with the barriers we currently have.  He is also working on putting together an even higher barrier for the coaching area. Coaching: The juniors are looking good; many should reach their peak at the US Open in the first week of July. Webmaster’s Report: New website is missing some information, such as Bylaws and Board Minutes.  Also, it is not as aesthetically nice as the two previous websites. Spring League Results: In Division 1, the “Mousaka” team (Mica Vlasic, Mark Adelman, Brian Bradley) won first place.  In Division 2, the “Tootsie Rolls”(Angel Lou, Hong Seoung, Emeline Valdoria) won first place.  James Kahn will look into trophies, with a budget of about $20/ person, and a total budget of about $120. Next Meeting:  July 21, 2009 at 7pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m..
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