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Meeting Minutes: 05-10-2011

San Diego Table Tennis Association
Board Meeting, 2010 May 10, 2011 Balboa Park Activity Center Board Room
This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA.  Call to order by Ron at 7:05 pm. SDTTA Board Members Present:   Mark, James, Jock, Bill Chang, Borko, Ron Spencer, and Shelley The approval of April SDTTA’s minutes will be postponed until the next meeting in June. Communications not on the agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. It was noted that Ron will report to Daryl to take down old information and Ron will give to Daryl the results of the San Diego Power Pong Tournament to be posted on our website. Action Items: Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Chang passed out copy of Treasurer’s report to all members present and it was reconciled through to April 30, 2011 Action Items:
  1. Webmaster Report:  Daryl did not have anything to add.
  2. Peewee / Jr Report/ Angie – Brana – Earl.  No report.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:  Bill passed out the treasurer’s report that balanced the SDTTA account through April 30, 2011.
  4. Equipment and membership report.  Borko state that there are 22 assembled, 2 unassembled and 2 tables at a Sr  Center near here.  Discussion was opened to start a list to sell current tables with the possibility of buying quality tables at a savings.  Borko has been dealing with the Butterfly rep Martin Rowe who is waiting for us to order these tables.
    Ron presented to the Board that Phil Davila will present us a new style barriers that will be quality and affordable to replace our old and broken ones.
Present membership is 181.
  1. Executive Director’s report:  James will contact Jerry to see what happened at the City Meeting on Monday.  At the next Board Meeting we  will plan the SDTTA picnic.
  2. Old Business – Committee results:  Ron received from SDTTA members that their concerns were about needing quality/competitive tables, unhappy about the activity center  flooring (we have no control), and the desire to have more tournaments.   Ron stated that these are going to be addressed.
The committee to address welcoming new members did not come into fruition.  It was decided that each board member was to do their best in welcoming new members and inviting them to play or find someone they could play with.
  1. New Issues:
    1. Esteban is making a list of the results and will give them to Borko.
    2. The USTTA membership fee went up.  The board made a motion and it was seconded to raise SDTTA’s fee from $20 to $27 to send in the form and pay for members to register with USTTA.
    3. Profits from Attila – How to receive.  The board needs to decide how the club is to receive the check from Attila from the SD Power Pong tournament or whether it goes to BPAC.
    4. Private coaching location issue.  It has been decided that private coached need to be reminded that multiballs need to be hit away from playing area.
    5. Equipment responsibility of members – warnings.  Due to potential damage to tables and nets that a written notice is necessary and will be posted.  Ron will write the notice warning players to respect property (tables, barriers, & nets).
    6. Equipment inventory of all locations.  Mark will approach Jerry about SDTTA tables at the Sr Center and ask if it is open to all and can we post hours?
Then motion was made to adjourn by Mark and seconded by Jock. The next meeting is June 14, 2011. Respectfully Submitted, Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary
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