Last Updated: December 21st, 2010

Club Do’s and Don’ts!!!!

  1. Bring a table out of the storage room for your own use if none are available in the playing area at the time. PUT TABLES AWAY WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED PLAYING UNLESS THERE ARE OTHER PLAYERS WAITING TO USE YOUR TABLE
  2. Bring barriers out (AND HELP PUT THEM AWAY) when needed.
  3. When going to and from a table, walk as close as possible to the wall, barriers or curtain, to avoid entering other playing courts…and do this quickly.
  4. Do not be LOUD and distracting when playing. It disturbs other player’s concentration. The person next to you may be “training.”
  5. Do not walk through, watch friends or stand within a player’s playing court while there is a game going on. (It is distracting and annoying for the players in the next court and it will cause a delay in neighboring games.) PLEASE SIT IN THE BLEACHERS.
  6. Call a “LET” if your ball enters another player’s court or space. (Players will be glad to retrieve your ball and you won’t be at risk of getting hit during a stroke or ran into physically.)
  7. If other players call a “LET” and their ball is near you, please retrieve their ball so they won’t have to walk through other courts and disrupt many tables.
  8. If you have sweats, jackets, equipment bags, etc., please keep them under the perimeter of your table – out of the way of tripping.
  9. We ask that multi-ball practice be conducted in the two rows furthest from the front entrance.
  10. Keep all personal belongings and equipment with you. The SDTTA, Balboa Park and the City Parks & Recreation are NOT liable for missing or stolen items.
  12. CLOSED drink containers are allowed but they must have a screw on lid. Drinks can NOT be placed on the floor at any time. Please place them inside your bag.
  13. You may ask for “WINNER(S)” at any table. “Doubles” and “Singles” are both allowed.
  14. Always keep a good attitude and be courteous to all players, members and their families.
  15. When WARMING UP with a playing partner, PLEASE give him/her the courtesy of getting their rhythm going without blasting every ball past them. It can be frustrating to your playing partner to have to chase balls constantly and not be able to warm up properly.
  16. Do not throw your racket.
    1. Butterfly – Do not lean on, sit on, bend, kick or throw.
    2. Andro – These barriers CANNOT be replaced! Handle them with care!
  18. Respect the playing area and others near you.
  19. USATT Official Rules for playing the game of Table Tennis are enforced.