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The Mission of SDTTA is to foster a community of table tennis enthusiasts; a place where players of all levels can discover their passion for the sport, develop their skills and health, and compete regularly in a friendly atmosphere.

May 11 Board Meeting Minutes

May 21st, 2015

On May 11th at 7:05 pm the SDTTA Board Meeting was called to order by the Chairperson Benham Kazemi. Board members present, Jenny Hoang, James Kahn, Dennis Seisun, Borko Dragojlovic and Jorge “George” Calderon.
Absent, Mario Lopez.
Invited guest Club member Emile Mihet

Old Business :The Neil Smyth tournament this year will be held October 3-4, 2015 There may be some conflict with other events at other locations, but it seems to be the best week-end. Board members agreed to keep this dates.

Much time was spent discussing how to make members more aware of the rule that: “All tables are open to be challenged by a member seeking a game.” Setting up a table does not mean ownership of the table for the evening. This applies especially when there are members and/or guests waiting for a game. Let’s make our club more ‘user friendly’ with more interchange of games and experience. Your thoughts on how to achieve this are welcome.
Board members agreed to ask Dennis to send an email to the membership with a reminder of this Club Policy (Rule?)

Emile requested to have handy the document indicating that the city allows the club a free weekend for the tournament. He also suggested to consider an outside equipment manufacturing company to sponsor the upcoming tournament. It was agreed to invite a representative of such company to our next meeting; Emile has a contact person. Also agreed to invte “Perry” to organize a, possibly, second tournament.

There is a new T T Club in SD; they have 7 tables and a professional coach; the possibility of a league coming to our place on Friday nights was discussed.

It was dicussed the option/need to reward/recognize people that voluntarily help with the tournament and upkeep of the club in general.

Our calendar still shows “Open Play” for Memorial Day. DON’T GO. The facility will be closed on Memorial Day.
Next board meeting Monday June 8.

Jorge “George” Calderon
Acting Secretary SDTTA

Thursday Night Round Robin – 05/14/2015

May 19th, 2015

For Sale: Table Tennis S4W Robot

May 13th, 2015

The Paddle Palace S4W Pro Robot takes robot technology to the next level. Two heads and four throw wheels and advanced technology provides outstanding options for practice sequences, and the best human-like robot play.

Paddle Palace S4W Pro overcomes limitations of other robots
If you have used other robots on the market, you likely have been frustrated by their limitations. For example, maybe you could not vary the spins during a sequence, such as alternating topspin and underspin. Perhaps you could not designate the spots that you want the ball to land on the table. Maybe you could not set the robot to shoot a short ball and long ball in the same playing sequence. Maybe you wanted the robot to serve a short underspin then finish out the point with topspin drives to specific landing spots, but disappointingly you could not set up the exact training sequence you need. Maybe you wanted the robot to emulate the variety of real spins of a human player, but the robot just was not capable of no-spin or variations of light spin or strong spin shots. Maybe balls got stuck or hesitated in the robot, and you prefer to have smooth, uninterrupted play. Now, with the Paddle Palace S4W Pro Robot, you can have all these features you were missing before, plus more!

Two heads and four throw wheels for outstanding sequencing options
The innovative S4W Robot has two heads, each with two throw wheels. Both heads, and the four throw wheels, are all independently programmable, allowing you great flexibility in designing playing patterns and practice options.

You can program a seamless combination of topspin and underspin (or side-spin or no-spin) shots in the same play sequence.  The robot can shoot combinations of short and long balls, strong and weak balls, or high and low balls in one sequence. Plus, you choose the landing spots, as well as the speed and throw frequency.

Part of the reason the Paddle Palace S4W Robot can do so much is the option to use one or both heads to produce the desired practice patterns. Using both heads of S4W Pro, you can set the number of times you want each head to deliver a ball to a specific spot with a desired spin, frequency and speed. For example, set head #1 to produce a topspin ball 3 times to your selected landing spots and head #2 to produce 4 underspin balls to a different, or the same, landing spot. Each head takes its turn producing the desired ball to the selected landing spot as many times as you dictate.

Another advantage of having two robot heads is that you can set up a realistic serve and volley sequence. You can set one head to reproduce a realistic serve that hits the robot side of the table first, just like a human serve. And then the robot completes the sequence with volleys from the 2nd head.

30 preset sequences
In addition to the player’s ability to set up their own serving sequences, the S4W Pro provides a choice of 30 preset sequences.

Random sequence mode
When the player presses the “Sequences in Random” key the robot will randomly select one of 30 preset sequences and then rearrange the serving order for a new sequence. This random selection has the potential of producing over 60,000 different kinds of serving sequences.

Memory function
A memory function saves your current settings. When you turn the robot on for your next practice session, your previously saved sequence is ready to go.

Remote control box
The functions of the S4W Pro are set from the remote control box which is conveniently located on the player’s end of the table. The simple, straight forward design of the control box makes it easy for the player to set and adjust all the options. Serve or shot sequence, ball speed, degree of spin, frequency of delivery, number of balls to be played per practice pattern, and landing spots are all accessible and adjustable from the control box.

Ball counter
The ball counter on the control box allows you to set the number of balls (up to 999) that will shoot for any playing sequence.

Ball catch nets and recycling system
The Paddle Palace Robots come with a ball catch net collection system that catches the balls and directs them for recycling back into the robot for continuous play.

Easy to set up and operate
The robot comes ready to play. No tools are required — just take it out of the box, roll it to the table, slip on the net, and you are ready to go. The robot rolls easily from the table when you need to put it away.

High-quality, durable.

Your Paddle Palace Robot purchase includes:
FREE 75 Training Balls
FREE Ball Pick-up Net

Paddle Palace S4W Pro has great features:

* Two heads and four throw wheels
* Heads and throw wheels can be set independently for speed, spin, and landing spots on consecutive shots
* Topspin, underspin, sidespin, and no spin–plus serves–can be programmed into your custom training pattern
* Set your own, or use 30 pre-programmed sets of landing sequences
* Short & long balls, strong & weak balls, or high & low balls can be combined in one training sequence
* Remote control box on player side of table
* Random sequence mode for the ultimate challenge
* Memory function saves current settings for next practice session
* Ball recycling and net collection system
* Easy set up, and rolls from table for convenient storage

Sells at Paddle Pallace for $1,499.00

Priced to sell for $850.00 or best offers

Please call Dan Toro (619) 888-6012 Cell
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