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Results from the 2009 US Open

Here’s how some of our members did during this year’s US Open! If you’re not on the list or know of some additional results, please tell me so I can include you!
Member Place Event
Bill Ukapatayasakul Gold 65-69 Men Singles
Silver Over 60 Men Doubles
Semifinalist Over 60 Men Singles
Semifinalist Over 65 Men Singles
IVC Semifinalist Random Draw Doubles
Gold International Veteran Open
Kazemi Benam Silver Under1800 Over 40
Borko Dragojlovic Silver 50-64 Doubles IVC
Quarterfinalist 50-59 IVC Single
Daryl Sterling Jr. Quarterfinalist Under 1600
Hosea Ira Framo (JR) Semifinalist Under 1350
Josiah Framo Quarterfinalist Boys U13 Singles
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