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2009 San Diego Open Club Results

Here are the titles our club members won this year at the San Diego Open!
Event Club Member
Open Don James Alto
Under 16 Boy’s John James Alto
Over 40 Rob Van Lier
Over 50 Bill Ukapatayasakul, (2nd) Aleksandr Mikhlin
Over 60 (2nd) Bill Ukapatayasakul
Under 2500 Don James Alto, (2nd) Earl James Alto
Under 2375 Brana Vlasic, (2nd) Earl James Alto
Under 2250 (2nd) Mark Brader
Under 1550 Brian Bradley
Under 1400 (2nd) Josiah E. Framo
Under 1100 (2nd) John Kolano
Under 800/Unrated Ryan Militante
U4200 Doubles SE John James Alto & Tsz Lun Chu, (2nd) Earl James Alto & Kamal Parikh
Under 22 (2nd) Earl James Alto
Under 22 Women’s Brana Vlasic
Under 18 Boy’s John James Alto
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