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Tournament Results for Day 1!

November 11th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
U15 RR 1st Patrick Soto 2nd Ted Li O50 RR 1st Christian Lillieroos 2nd Michael Lardon 3rd Philip Van De Wiele 3rd Naqvi Syed Amjad U3400 Dbls 1st Peter Sanidad/Emmanuel Ong 2nd James Kahn/Nar Fahlstrom 3rd Danny Campbell/Ray Nanos 3rd Dylan Chang/Bill Chang U1300 RR 1st Dik Cheung 2nd Kelly Lam 3rd Rich Turek 4th Morton Gorel U2100 RR 1st Paul Wessel 2nd Thong Nguyen 3rd Vo Quang 3rd Kiet Tran U1700 RR 1st Kazem Behnam 2nd Dylan Chang 3rd Don Hoang 3rd Angel Luo Open Doubles 1st Marko Prce/Brana Vlasic 2nd David Umel/Earl Alto 3rd Peter Sanidad/Emmanuel Jong 3rd Veronica Chen/Derrick Cone
  1. James Kahn
    November 11th, 2012 at 8:09pm | #1

    Thanks for every ones participation. It was our first self run tournament in years and we have to smooth out the wrinkles. We will appreciate any ones constructive comments on how to run it better. I took a lot of notes from players. Obviously, we need a longer lead time and stronger marketing of our event. I think all of us would want greater out of town attendance so that we are getting to play different players than we usually meet. Please give me your suggestions

  2. Sy Naqvi
    November 12th, 2012 at 1:39pm | #2

    – Great facility (must do more to get out the word)
    – Very friendly staff

    – No posted draws
    – Score sheets were incorrectly prepared
    – Tournament Referee (if there was one) didn’t caught people wearing white shirts.

    – Use Omnipong for management and entries. Seeing other entries in advance helps in coordinating double partners, carpools etc.
    – Place a little ad on USTTA site to attract more players
    – Prepare a little flyer and distribute at other clubs and events