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Taking Care of SDTTA Equipment

Dear members of the SDTTA, The board has been taking in consideration that club equipment is not being treated as carefully as it should be. The tables, barriers and nets are all delicate and expensive items which we need to last for as long as possible. In addition, the large barriers we use at the ends of our space have been discontinued. So, we will never be able to replace them. We need everyone help to make our equipment last. There is also a need for everyone to recognize that putting up equipment at the end of the day is everyone’s job. It is not fair to leave this chore to a few late players night after night. Henceforth, this will be the clean-up policy going forward: 1. If you finish playing within one hour of closing, you must put away your table. Also, surrounding barriers must be put away unless neighboring players agree to put them away instead. 2. Be sure to also pick up any broken balls and/or water bottles that surround your table. Thank you, SDTTA Board
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