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Meeting Minutes: 9-9-2014

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San Diego Table Tennis Association Board Meeting

September 9th, 2014

Balboa Park Activity Center

  This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA. Call to order 7:00pm by James. SDTTA Board Members Present: Bob Koch, Behnam Kazemi, John Anderson, Borko Dragojlovic, Mark Adelman and James Kahn. SDTTA Board Member(s) absent: Simon Lee. SDTTA Member(s) Present: Earl Alto. Communications not on agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. The motion was made to approve the SDTTA Board Member minutes for August 2014 by Mark and seconded by James. The Board carried the motion. Treasurer’s Report:  None. Webmaster Report/ Daryl Sterling: No report. Membership Report: Our current paid membership count is. Equipment Report: Our current table count is 30. Action Items:
  1. Filling the Treasurer’s position was tabled until the Board elections of November/December.
  2. The Juniors program started last Friday (Sept 5th) with a total of 7 kids attending. Bob had an idea of offering “scholarships” to individual kids to help pay for the training. The item will be brought up at the next Board meeting once it is determined if there is interest in sustaining the program. We would also like to set goals for D.J. Alto and his “team” so that certain benchmarks are achieved over the life of the program.
We will get in touch with Daryl and have him advertise the “Junior” program on our website, which will be on Friday nights starting at 6:30pm.
  1. John mentioned that Isaac’s school would be interested in having us loan them 2 tables to help generate interest in table tennis. Borko will talk to Isaac and have him contact his principal to see if we should move forward on this item.
  2. The potluck picnic that was scheduled for September 13th, along with the equipment swap meet, has been rescheduled for September 27th, due to the Senior Games being held at the club.
  3. The first Sorrento-SDTTA club event was held on Sept 13th. It did not go as planned since one of the Sorrento teams didn’t show up, which then created an odd number. The format used, created too much waiting around for many participants, so hopefully lessons were learned and future events will run more smoothly.
  4. James attended the L.A. Open recently and shared with the Board his experiences and discussions he had with the L.A. club’s president. Our club could learn a lot by the way the L.A. Club runs their L.A. Open, and they would be willing to assist us in making the Neil Smyth Tournament more successful. The L.A. club also expressed interest in teaming up with SDTTA and maybe have a southern California table tennis tournament in the future. James would like to plan a meeting with the L.A. club president to discuss any future endeavors between the two clubs.
  5. The idea was presented that we should start filming the top table on our Thursday night round robins and then posting them on our website. James and Bob will look into it and see what equipment is needed and what other issues need to be overcome.
    The motion to adjourn was made by Mark and seconded by Bob at 7:51pm.   The next meeting is October  14th at 7:00pm.   Respectfully Submitted,   Bob Koch, SDTTA Secretary  
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