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Meeting Minutes: 3-13-2012

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting, 2012

March 13th, 2012

Balboa Park Activity Center Board Room

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA. Call to order 7:12 pm by Ron. SDTTA Board Members Present:    Ron Spencer, Bill Chang, James Kahn, Borko Dragojlovic, Shelley Hardy, Earl Alto and Shariq Ansari SDTTA Members Present:  Daryl, Brana, Robert, Frederick, Mark, Phil, Adele, and Andre The approval of February 2012 minutes was made by James and seconded by Shariq. Communications not on the agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. Action Items:

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Chang passed out the Treasurer’s Report that has reconciled us through February 29, 2012.
  2. Webmaster Report – Daryl Sterling:  Daryl would like all concerns regarding website to be emailed to him.
  3. Stell/ Angie Juic Team Report / Angie – Brana – Earl:  Earl stated that the coached students have improved greatly in their training under Stell/Angie.  Both Stell and Angie have always given player tips to the members.
  4. Equipment/Executive Director’s report:  The topic of broken nets was discussed again.  It was voted to not take the nets off the tables and put them in a cabinet.  The discussion was raised to make a sign for new people to ask for assistance in setting up tables.  Daryl suggested making a photo series posted to show how to set up table and nets.  Borko and James were asked to take note of the rate of the nets being broken and report back to the board next month.
  5. Membership report – Borko:  Not available.  Shariq is overseeing the membership data base.
  6. Old Business:
    1. Tournament update – due to new information that Earl will no longer be in charge this matter will be discussed at the April meeting.
    2. Membership enforcement discussion tabled.
  7. New Business:
    1. League sponsorship by SDTTA is on hold.
    2. $1 fee for Thursday night RR not possible because there will be city fees involved as stated by Phil.  Phil is in charge of the Thursday night RR and SDTTA fully supports his recommendations.
    3. Sample barriers and table form HiQua TT is still a work in progress.  Ron is still waiting to hear from him.

Communications not on Agenda:  Mark wants more SDTTA board meeting transparency.  This includes that the SDTTA board meetings be put on the calendar along with the agenda and the monthly minutes put on the SDTTA website in a timely manner.  This has been agreed to by the board.

Shelley made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by James.

The next meeting is April 17, 2012.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary

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