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Meeting Minutes: 12-12-2017

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December 12, 2017
Meeting called to order at 7.05 p.m.

Members present: Behnam Kazemi, Steve McGrew, Dennis Seisun, Perry Schwartzberg plus three new board members: Bob Koch, Jaxon Faris, and Phil Van de Wiele.

New members voted in by board. Approved unanimously.

Discussed positions to be filled and adjusted. Agreed upon:

  • Steve McGrew: Chairperson
  • Jaxon Faris Vice-Chairperson
  • Dennis Suisen Treasurer
  • Phil Van De Wiele Executive Director
  • Perry Schwartzberg Secretary
  • Bob Koch Member Relations
  • Benham Kazemi Public Relations

All voted in 7-0 approved by board.

SDTTA member June Lim brings up ideas to better the club including:

Changing the Thursday Tournament to a different day or perhaps adding another day for a different Tournament. Board agrees that Thursday night Tournament is a staple but also that another day, most likely on the weekend, would be looked into. According to the survey taken during the vote submitted by Phil Van de Wiele, Saturday would be the best day for another Tournament.

Showing up late for the Thursday tournament also is discussed as a problem for Jaxon who runs the event and also as inconsiderate to the participants who have to wait for contestants to play against.

Bob Koch would like the club to purchase balls for the membership. Also something that the board is willing to consider.

Benham inquires to Steve if we have talked to Craig Crum about running the May tournament along with Gao Jun. Steve replies that he has not and that we need to be looking into other options for a tournament director.

Benham inquires about the issue with our storage for the tables which is up in February. Currently have 5 new tables in storage. Soon only 3 and the thought is to use better storage in our room at Balboa and perhaps bring those three tables into this room. Bob thinks it can be done.

Bob suggests selling the tables we currently have that are not in good shape for $300 ea. to make room for the new ones.

Dennis motions to sell tables at $300, Bob seconds the motion. Vote 7-0 in favor.

Board discusses subsidized coaching which was one of the desired programs according to the survey mentioned previously. The board would like to do so on a limited basis, perhaps on a fixed day of the month. More talk of this program in the new year.

Membership fee is approved to stay at $50/mo., free for Juniors under 17 years old.

Bob suggests upping the prize money for the May tournament. Suggestion to be considered at the next meeting.

Perry suggested that the first time free is somewhat problematic. Others agree but no action is taken.

Phil suggests that the Web Calendar needs ‘help’, and that he should be able to handle it.

Bob suggests that the introduction pamphlet needs updated – hours, days, etc. Perhaps put it on a larger legal size paper.

Board discusses:

  1. Renewal of the phone for Jaxon who mentions that he mostly uses his own phone on Thursday night for the Tournament.
  2. Video instruction for new members on club etiquette, equipment usage, etc.
  3. Thoughts on a ‘member spotlight’ interview for the website is discussed.
  4. At the big tournament, we would look more professional if we had the umpire stands and towel stands. Most agreed that this was a good idea.
Last issues included buying a robot and also a white board for the club as the robots currently used are not working properly. The robot would be used for those who are looking to play but can’t as of yet find a game. A robot committee would need to be formed to help with the set up, set down, and general usage.

All agreed and vote was 7-0 for.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Submitted by

Perry Schwartzberg

SDTTA Board Secretary

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