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Meeting Minutes: 12-09-2014

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San Diego Table Tennis Association Board Meeting

December 9th, 2014

Balboa Park Activity Center

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA. Call to order 7:00pm by James. SDTTA Board Members Present: Bob Koch, Behnam Kazemi, John Anderson, Mark Adelman, James Kahn and Borko Dragojlovic. SDTTA Board Member(s) absent: Simon Lee. SDTTA Member(s) Present: None. Communications not on agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. The motion was made to approve the SDTTA Board Member minutes for November 2014 by Mark and seconded by James. The Board carried the motion. Treasurer’s Report:  John Anderson passed out the Treasurer’s Report which has been reconciled through November 2014. The Club has a net income for the year of $5,530.11. Webmaster Report/ Daryl Sterling: No report. Membership Report: Our current paid membership count is. Equipment Report: Our current table count is 26 (1 broken) and 8 tables offsite with 36 nets. Action Items:
  1. John ordered 500 2015 membership stickers(red). Borko also made 400 membership cards.
  2. John brought up the possibility of accepting donations before December 31st, so that way the donors could write it off on the current tax year. We’ll look into more to see if this is feasible and legal.
  3. D.J. Alto unable to have the Juniors program meet on Fridays due to work obligations. He’ll talk with the parents to come up with another day that will work for everyone. We also need to get an invoice from D.J. for services rendered so far. Bob will try to get in touch with him and have him submit an invoice to the Club.
  4. Tabled the discussion of the 2015 Neal Smythe Tournament until the next Board meeting.
  5. Discussed the possibility of absentee ballots for the upcoming Board election to be held on the 18th, 19th, 20th and 22nd of December. The Board will talk to Phil about having absentee ballots.
  6. Behnam has scheduled the Baja team to come to the Club on December 27th..
  7. We would like to have a “Board Appreciation” dinner in the near future. No date has been set as of this time.
  8. Borko and Bob took inventory on the Club’s shirts and here is the breakdown….. Stiga: 11 xs/s and 7 large. Joola: 9 x-small, 9 medium, 13 large and 8 x-large.
The motion to adjourn was made by Mark and seconded by James at 7:51pm.   The next meeting is January 13th at 7:00pm.   Respectfully Submitted,   Bob Koch, SDTTA Secretary
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