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Meeting Minutes: 06-12-2017

June 12, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm.
Members present : Behnam Kazemi, Steve McGrew, Dennis Seisun, Borko Dragojlovic,
Perry Schwarzberg, Mario Lopez and Jorge Calderon.
Also present Jenny Hoang

Behnam thanked the Board members who helped with the recent tournament, the event was a success.
Dennis reported a positive balance of $5,000 from thet tournament, close to the $5,200 used to purchase the new barriers for the club.

Behnam informed that the Baja Team had a great performance and took many of the prizes.

Main issue with the tournament related to the delay between games and events taking 12 and 13 hours each day. Consideration given to prevent this as much as possible when making the bid for next year.
A request to have a Women’s only event was discussed. Good idea but no volunteers to run it.

Steve is looking into ordering T-shirt for sale to club members, item mostly requested during the tournament, he also mentioned that new tables in storage will be assembled and older tables will be sold. (two at a time). Also suggested that older barriers be offered to members to pick up for free, and discard old damaged nets and other items piled up “in the corner”, welcome suggestion was agreed.

A motion to gift one of the used tables to the non-profit Mira Mesa club was approved.

A summer tournament was discussed as one of the new activities for the Club, Saturday seems to be the best day of the week, leaving some tables for open play.

Perry related his concern about “new people” coming to the club and not having designated member(s) greeting them, giving the instructions and showing them how to care for the club equipment.

A motion to create a position of “Club Pro” with a stipend of $200 a month was made by Perry,
motion was discussed but NOT approved. The possibility of creating an informational video to be posted online, linked to our web page was briefly discussed, plan to follow next meeting.

Perry informed he will be having coaching sessions for women on Fridays for the next 8 weeks,
With no further items, meeting was adjourned al 8.00pm

Submitted by
Jorge “George” Calderon
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