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May 11 Board Meeting Minutes

On May 11th at 7:05 pm the SDTTA Board Meeting was called to order by the Chairperson Benham Kazemi. Board members present, Jenny Hoang, James Kahn, Dennis Seisun, Borko Dragojlovic and Jorge “George” Calderon. Absent, Mario Lopez. Invited guest Club member Emile Mihet Old Business :The Neil Smyth tournament this year will be held October 3-4, 2015 There may be some conflict with other events at other locations, but it seems to be the best week-end. Board members agreed to keep this dates. Much time was spent discussing how to make members more aware of the rule that: “All tables are open to be challenged by a member seeking a game.” Setting up a table does not mean ownership of the table for the evening. This applies especially when there are members and/or guests waiting for a game. Let’s make our club more ‘user friendly’ with more interchange of games and experience. Your thoughts on how to achieve this are welcome. Board members agreed to ask Dennis to send an email to the membership with a reminder of this Club Policy (Rule?) Emile requested to have handy the document indicating that the city allows the club a free weekend for the tournament. He also suggested to consider an outside equipment manufacturing company to sponsor the upcoming tournament. It was agreed to invite a representative of such company to our next meeting; Emile has a contact person. Also agreed to invte “Perry” to organize a, possibly, second tournament. There is a new T T Club in SD; they have 7 tables and a professional coach; the possibility of a league coming to our place on Friday nights was discussed. It was dicussed the option/need to reward/recognize people that voluntarily help with the tournament and upkeep of the club in general. Our calendar still shows “Open Play” for Memorial Day. DON’T GO. The facility will be closed on Memorial Day. Next board meeting Monday June 8. Jorge “George” Calderon Acting Secretary SDTTA
  1. retrokat
    Earl alto
    May 29th, 2015 at 10:12am | #1

    You guys need to seriously discuss table clean up on Thursday nights. I think that’s one of the biggest problems in the club people like to set up tables but they never clean up I always see the same four or five guys doing all the work.