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Club Etiquette

If you see a point is being played by two players in an adjoining table, please wait for that point to be completed before walking by or attempting to claim your table tennis ball from the vicinity. If the players on the adjoining table are merely practicing, it is  expected of those players to stop practicing, retrieve the ball, and return it to you, however some of these players may continue their rally even after they have noticed your ball go into their area. In this event please make allowances for a players belief that their rally is worthy of YouTube highlights, and attempt to gain their attention by shouting the words “thank you” loud enough for them to hear and indicate the presence of your ball in their area. If they still do not respond carefully retrieve the ball from the area yourself, all the while shouting the words “excuse me”, as you do. Board of table tennis
  1. retrokat
    earl alto
    June 19th, 2013 at 8:46pm | #1

    Maybe people should mention players who dont put their tables away. If you guys like I could even list a few of them.