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Board Meeting Agenda: Feb 15th at 7pm

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Agenda Need 1 board member for  Public relations Treasurers report Webmaster – Did we purge old members off list Equipment Report – Repair and purchase needs, volunteers to make repairs, tables and barriers.  New table orders? New Business – Social media advertising, t.v. newspaper ads, public exhibition of t.t.,  high school contact Sponsorships – Qualcomm, others Info – Para table tennis training June 7-14 morning and early afternoon OLD BUSINESS Team matches – inter club? Coaching – What and who (Christian?), informal or regular schedule Pee Wee for now is vacant Picnic – When Board appreciation dinner? Neil Smyth Tournament Chairman? who, when,  what type (sanctioned or not) Volunteers list by function: 1. Technology 2. Social media 3. Tournaments 4. Picnic 5. League play 6. High school contact
Workshop items:
Ensenada exchange trip
Bring a friend night to club
Old member contact?
Money collectors when board member not present?
Color stickers for broken parts of tables
Club is closed for a good part of March,  need alternative site locations
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