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Meeting Minutes: 03-16-2010

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting

March 16, 2010

7:05 PM

Balboa Park Activity Center Board Room

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA

Call to order by Mark. SDTTA Board Members Present: Bill Cooper, Bill Chang, James Kahn, Borko Dragojlovic, Mark Adelman, Shelley Hardy, and Scott Roberts SDTTA Members present (not the full meeting):   Daryl Sterling The approval of February 16, 2010 minutes was made by Borko and seconded by Bill Cooper. Communications not on the agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. One of our previous members of the SDTTA board, Sungil, addressed our board to give us encouragement and show support for us as board members.  He stated a big stress factor for us as SDTTA board members is our large membership which means that we will always have people disagreeing with our voted on decisions.   He thanked us for our hard work and willingness to represent the SDTTA.  Sungil stated that he would be available to help or give advice to us in our goal to promote our SDTTA. Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Chang passed out the Treasurer’s Report that has reconciled us through February 2010. Bill Chang wanted to know how often the SDTTA was paying for hours to BPAC.  No one knew the answer.  Mark is going to find out for us. Bill Chang wanted to know if the Stellans were paid for their coaching the juniors so far.  If not, then they will be paid tonight. Bill Chang, Bill Cooper and Mark will e-mail one another when to meet and sign the forms for bank signatures. James Kahn wanted to inform the club:
  1. That a Danish National table tennis player will be here the week of April 4-8.  He will talk to Stellan about the possibility of an exhibition for our club on one of these days.
  2. That Stellan offered to have a free clinic for interested members at the end of the month (?) with a limit of 25 people (which means first come, first serve).
  3. James suggested that we call former members and invite back.
We have a member link on the SDTTA website now to see all our members who have and have not paid. Mark brought up the idea of creating a newsletter to keep our members aware of the greater good the club is doing by supporting all that is happening at our club which includes how proud we are of our junior players and that we are privileged to have a World Class table tennis coach.  We want to do our part as a club to help develop future players. Mark stated that he could put all the ideas put forth by SDTTA board and members.  This included: Coming Events Membership Training League tournament coming up National Danish Table Tennis Player coming in April Prorated Dues Action Items:
  1. League Play.  James Kahn will post a sign- up sheet for members to play in the league.
  2. Tournaments:  The tournament scheduled in April was taken off the calendar.  Mark scheduled a San Diego Table Tennis Tournament for a date in August with BPAC.  We will host a one day (Saturday) SDTTA tournament.  The city parks and recreation will help us with this tournament.  The Tournament Committee is Phil and Sungil.
Bill Cooper spoke with NATTA spokesperson Allen Williams who said that they had problems with Michelle Garcia the representative for BPAC which could not be resolved.   Allen felt that they were lied to.   Mark stated that he spoke to Andy from BPAC and was told another side to what went down.   NATTA pulled out and will not host another tournament here. Scott brought a sample copy of an ad to advertise for the SDTTA tournament in August. There is a need for a meeting to determine goal and the cost for this tournament with the tournament committee.
  1. Membership Renewal Report:  Borko stated that we had 156 members.  Any board member can now sign up a new member on the website.  Mark suggested that we as board members introduce ourselves to a player we don’t know and if they’re not a paid member to give them the two options.
Equipment report by Bill Cooper:  There are three new tables still in their boxes.  Two tables for loaned out to a Senior Center under Stellan’s name.  We have a total of 25 tables.  No change in equipment.  Mark brought up the broken knobs on the nets are sharp and can hurt us.  These nets need to be put on the desk in the table tennis storage room for repair.  Daryl stated that we are two nets short.  Bill Cooper said we have them. Executive Director’s Report:  James Kahn gave his report earlier with upcoming happenings. Webmaster’s Report:  Everything going as planned.  Discussed putting newsletter on website with Daryl and for the Secretary to send the minutes to Mark and he’ll forward the newsletter back to Daryl. The next meeting of the SDTTA board will be April 20. Bill Cooper made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by James. Respectfully Submitted, Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary
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    July 13th, 2010 at 2:40pm | #1

    Hi, sdtta players. My name is Mario Joe
    I want to say hi to every one. I had a good ping pong time 1997-2008
    when I used to live in san diego. although I stopped playing
    when I fractured my neck from car accident
    I started to play again in portland oregon and I’m getting better
    watch out you guys. haha.
    I would like to contact to David Flores from sdtta can he please
    call me my number is 503-348- 7645