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Meeting Minutes: 02-16-2010

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting

February 16, 2010

7:00 PM

Balboa Park Activity Center Board Room

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA

Call to order was made by Mark Adelman and seconded by Shelley Hardy. SDTTA Board Members Present:  Bill Chang, Bill Cooper, Mark Adelman, Scott Roberts, James Caan, Borko Dragojlovic, and Shelley Hardy SDTTA Members present (not the full meeting): Angie Bengtsson and Daryl Sterling The approval of January 19, 2010 minutes was made by Bill Cooper and approved by Scott Roberts. Communications not on the agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. Treasurer’s Report: A correction from the last minutes stating that the SDTTA account was transferred is incorrect.  As of this meeting the transfer from of the SDTTA account at Union Bank has not been transferred to Wells Fargo yet.  The amount in the SDTTA’s account can be viewed on our website. Action Items:
  1. The winner’s names of our SDTTA tournament have been put on the plaque which can be seen on the SDTTA board at the Balboa Park Activity Center.
  2. Update on Pro Pay Electronic Device to process memberships was reviewed.  To operate, press the button on top of device and the light will turn green.   Then, with a credit card strip facing left pass it through the machine.  When the device blinks twice the card is read.  Inside our cabinet we can find the form to fill the information for Mark to input the data. The cost for pro pay is $110/year, a charge of.035%/gross transaction plus a .35 fee is added.
  3. A discussion followed with Bill Chang suggesting that next year that everyone does it online.  To have a timely sign up by members, it was suggested as an incentive would be a lottery with the winner getting a free membership.
  4. Changes needed for League Play.  Mark discussed with Misha about not charging for League Play.  The all of the board agreed that participants need to commit to the team and come every time or make the time up.  One incentive is to return the $20 fee if a player completes league night 100% which includes the player to make up if ill. James made the motion to return fee and Bill Cooper seconded it.  Due to BPAC being closed, league play has been changed to April 30.  Mark made the motion to have league play starting April 30 and it was seconded.
  5. Tournaments:  The NATTA has moved their tournament to another place.  The BPAC still has the dates April 24 and 25 reserved for a table tennis tournament under SDTTA.  We will be charged for those days so a decision needs to be made quickly if we want to host a tournament.  Bill Cooper is going to look into the matter to see what and who can help with a tournament.
  6. Membership Renewal Report:  Daryl needs to input a few more members to complete the report.  Mark said that he was available to input new member data when necessary.
Discuss Round Robin Options:  There was some discussion on trying a couple of ways to spice up Thursday nights tournaments such as having a handicap night.  The board wants input from Phil who has done an excellent job with the most participated tournament event at our club. Equipment report by Bill Cooper: Our equipment is in good standing.  There is a big list for people who want to buy our available for sale tables.  There is a hold on these tables pending on loaning our tables to satellite places.  Bill is looking into putting the nets in boxes to protect them and not attach them to the folded tables where they get broken. Executive Director’s Report: James Caan wanted to know what his role/report as director entailed.  Bill Cooper read the by- laws explaining his role. When we have a tournament, James will check on company sponsorships. Coaching:  The StellanAngie Agreement. The club has been subsidizing the coaching done by Stellan and Angie in the amount of $350 monthly for coaching our juniors who are paid members.   We also pay for their room at the tournaments for which they submit a receipt to the treasurer.  Bill Cooper made a motion to continue subsidizing Stellan and Angie for coaching the juniors and paying for their hotel room at tournaments.  It was seconded by Scott Roberts.  We owe them for the month of January and February 2010.  The treasurer will be issuing a check to them for those months. Webmaster’s Report:  Daryl reported that there are only 5 or 6 people left to input.  We are able to pull up on website list of members who have and have not paid. Mark made a motion to send a bouquet of flowers to Jerry Harris and his family for the loss of his mother for the amount of $100 or less and it was seconded by Scott. The next meeting of the SDTTA board will be March 21, 2010. James made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Bill at 8:45 Respectfully Submitted, Shelley Hardy
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