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Meeting Minutes: 12-12-2016

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Meeting called to order at 7:03pm
Members present: Benham Kazemi, Mario Lopez, Jenny Hoang, Dennis Seisun, Borko Dragojlovic, James Khan & Jorge Calderon.
Also present: Perry Schwartzberg and Steve Mc Grew.
The Board accepted the results of the recent election, unanimously approved.
New Board for 2017-18
Behnam Kazemi – Chairman
Perry Schwartzberg – Vice President
Borko Dragojlovic – Executive Director
Jorge “George” Calderon – Secretary
Steve McGrew – Public Relations
Mario Lopez – Member at Large
Dennis Seisun – Treasurer
Treasurer reports, funds in the Bank and Pay Pal Accounts
are $77,000.00 after the purchase of new tables.
Topic of membership fees for 2017 discussed at length
A motion to keep the fees at $50 for individual and $100 for
family membership was voted and approved.
$25 from October 1, to the end of the year.
Still the best deal in town and probably in the whole country.
At the Treasurer’s request, only Board Members should be in charge of collecting cash or checks in exchange of a new membership card or a 2017 sticker in the old card.
Payments online via paypal link at our website www.sdtta.org
Steve plans to have a coaching program for kids and possibly bring in players for exhibition games.
Borko plans to sell 3 used tables from the existing ones.
It was recommended to give recognition to Phil (Monetary/ Gift card, etc.) for his continued support running theThursday Round Robin weekly tournament for many years. Agreed unanimously.
Jenny Plans to help on Thursdays.
Perry is interested in improving the current programs such as leagues in the upcoming year.
Dennis will send an email announcing the new Board Members and the membership fee unchanged for 2017, as well as the closure dates of the facility at the end of Dec and beginning of Jan 2017.
All Board members were encouraged to help with the process of renewing  membership to our club for the new year.
Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.
Submitted by
Jorge “George” Calderon
SDTTA Secretary
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