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Meeting Minutes: 07-21-2009

San Diego Table Tennis Association Board Meeting July 21, 2009 7:00 pm BPAC Board Room This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA

SDTTA Board Members Present:  Jerry Harris, Angie Bengtsson, Bill Cooper, Scott Roberts, Mark Adelman, James Kahn SDTTA Members Present:  Daryl Sterling, Neil Smyth, Son Young Kahng Call to Order:  Jerry Harris 7:05 pm Agenda:  Provided by Jerry Harris Approval of Minutes:  No corrections noted.  Motion to approve June 16, 2009 minutes made by Bill Cooper, second by Mark Adelman.  Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report:
  1. Collection Status/procedure and Income Statement Report (Mark) – Collection of dues in June was about $1700, and July to date was about $1200, of which $400 was collected from Thursday Round Robins in the past 2 weeks.  YTD summary of income:  membership =  $13,869;  league $647;  total income =  $14,516.  Total expenses YTD =  $14,597, so we have an overall deficit of $81 for YTD.
  2. Stock Report / Policy  and Net Worth – Per last Board meeting, Neil Smyth closed the brokerage account and transferred the money to Union Bank.  SDTTA’s assets are now cash ($27,690) and tables ($17,916), for total assets of $45,607.
  3. BPAC Hours – Received a bill of $5000 for buying more hours.  Anticipate a total bill (for year) of around $20,000 for extra hours, of which SDTTA’s share will be $5000.
Membership Report:
  1. Membership Collections / Procedure – Clarification of one-time fees for non-members:  $5/day for adult, $1/day for children under 18, and  $1/day for players from Mexico (mostly Mexicali and Ensenada) based on long-time understanding and history.  Also make sure all information on the yellow membership sheets are legible.
  2. Data base (Mark) – A shortlist of names and payments made will be distributed to Board members to help facilitate membership dues collections.  Need to give Neil the longlist of membership names + addresses to send out gala invitations.
  1. Neil S. brought sample invitations/RSVP cards and large poster to be put up regarding the 50th anniversary Gala event for SDTTA.  Discussed need to promote the gala, especially its importance, value and historical significance.  It will be featured on the SDTTA website.  Total anticipated cost of the gala is $14,600 for 400 people.  Mark Adelman made a motion to charge $20/adult, $10/child under 18, and $30 at the door.  Second by James Kahn.  Motion carried.
  2. Mike Gift, who will be serving as a DJ at the Gala, made a request for $100 in advance.  His total charge is $150.  Motion made by Scott Roberts to approve the $100 advance.  Second by Angie Bengtsson.  Motion carried.
Board Nominations: Discussed possible candidates to fill the vacant Board position.  Board members will approach possible candidates to determine who might be interested. Calendar:
  1. August Board Meeting – the usual room is not available, so either the date or the place will be changed.  TBD.
  2. Stellan and Angie Bengtsson will return on September 10th.
  3. September 19, 2009 (Sat)= 50th Anniversary Gala.
  4. October = NATT Tournament.  NATT received a bill from Michelle (BPAC) for $5000 to use BPAC in October.  NATT thinks the bill too high and may cancel the event at BPAC.  Alternatives will include moving it to LA or finding another venue in San Diego.  Their April bill was around $4000 (after much negotiation by Jerry H.) and last year’s Oct. bill was around $3500 for use of BPAC.
  5. November = Club Tournament.
Linda Vista Training Facility:  Ira, the supervisor at Linda Vista will be on vacation for 1 month.  We will start in September after Stellan and Angie returns.  The hours will be Tues AM and PM (Jr training), Thur AM, Sat AM (Jr training) and PM.  We will need adequate supervision over the equipment by SDTTA members at all times. NATT Letter: Jerry Harris reported that NATT may send tables for us to try.  Bill Cooper reported that Butterfly is also putting together an offer for us. Equipment Report:  Bill Cooper has put together 6 “double barriers” to replace the cardboard barriers, which are expensive (~$400) and easily worn out.  Trial use was positive, especially for multi-ball purposes and as a barrier between TT and volleyball/badminton areas.  He also reported that pieces from the nets are being stolen (parts that screw on).  Our website should remind players to be careful with the equipment. Webmaster’s Report: New website should feature SDTTA highlights on its homepage, such as DJ’s NATT championship and the Gala information.  The side area should include such information as upcoming tournaments, Board members/minutes/agenda, ability for members to update their email, a suggestion box which would be forwarded to all the Board members, TT Etiquette (including care and maintenance of equipment), and links to feature videos. Miscellaneous: SDTTA board member business cards need to be made for Mark Adelman and James Kahn.  It needs to be revised for Angie Bengtsson. Motion to adjourn made by Scott Roberts, second by Mark Adelman.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15p.m. Next Meeting:  TBD, either August 17, 2009 (Mon) or August 18, 2009 (Tues).
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