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Meeting Minutes: 05-19-2009

San Diego Table Tennis Association Board Meeting May 19, 2009 7:00 pm BPAC Board Room This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA

SDTTA Board Members Present:  Jerry Harris, Angie Bengtsson, Bill Cooper, Scott Roberts, Mark Adelman, James Kahn Call to Order:  Jerry Harris 7:00 pm Agenda:  Provided by Jerry Harris Approval of Minutes:  One correction to April 21, 2009 minutes.  Change “4” tables to “5” tables to be moved to Linda Vista Recreation for training.  Approval made by Mark Adelman, second by James Kahn.  Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report:
  1. Bank Signer Card  –  Motion to add Mark Adelman, in addition to Jerry Harris and Bill Cooper, and remove Neil Smyth from the signer’s card at Union Bank.  Discussed requirement to have 2 signers for check amounts over $500.  Motion made by Bill Cooper and second by James Kahn.  Motion carried.
  2. Stock Report / Policy – Currently, all money in a separate brokerage account is in US Treasury Bonds, with inflation protected.  The interest is generally better than money-market funds and accumulated money goes directly into the bank account.  The brokerage account is currently in Neil’s name only.  Motion made by Jerry Harris to add Mark Adelman and James Kahn’s names to the account and have Neil stay on as advisor for investments.  Second made by Angie Bengtsson.  Motion carried.
  3. Income Statement Report (Mark) – About $2000 balance in checking account and about $500 brought in last month.  Income year to date is about $11,454 including income from memberships of $9982.57.
  4. Net Worth as of 5/15/09 (Mark) – cash in checking account = $2125.22; investments = $23,529.41; tables = $17,916.67; total assets = $41,446.08; liability = $0; overall total = $43,571.30.
Gala Event:
  1. Neil S. and Marissa F. reported on the planning of the SDTTA 50th Anniversary Gala Event.  It will take place on 9/19/2009 at 6pm in the Spanish Village Center at Balboa Park.  RSVP must be made by 8/19/09.  Guests cannot exceed 400 in number.  There will be a dinner buffet, cash bar, dance, casual dress, and inspirational speakers by TT greats.  About $3000 has been spent, and the estimated budget is about $10,000 to $12,000.  Neil will fax a more detailed estimate soon.
  2. Since budget is tight, several ideas were suggested to help with the funding.  First, Mark Adelman can sit with Phil Van De Wiele on Thursday Round Robin nights to help collect dues.  Second, some fee may be charged, such as $20/person, to attend the Gala.  Third, Marissa F. volunteered to offer portraits to SDTTA members (sitting fee plus 8 x 10 picture) for a set fee, and would donate those funds to SDTTA.
  3. Final decisions need to be made by early July, so that invitations may be sent out by July 15, 2009.
Membership Report:
  1. Membership Collections – Concerted effort will be made in the next two months to track and manage collection of membership dues.  First, an updated master list of members and their paid dues will be compiled on the SDTTA laptop by Mark Adelman, with the help of his daughter, Daryl Sterling, and Phil Van De Wiele.  Second, all supplies for membership information and kit will be maintained by James Kahn and will be available with the laptop inside the metal locked cabinet.   Angie B. will make sure all Board Members have keys to both the wooden and metal cabinets.  Third, the following people will be in charge of manning tables, updating the SDTTA membership information on the laptop, and collecting unpaid dues during key hours for the days listed:  Monday – James Kahn; Tuesday and Friday – Mark Adelman; Thursday – Phil Van De Wiele; Saturday – Scott Roberts; Sunday – any available Board Member.  All money collected will be directly handed over to the treasurer, Mark Adelman, for deposit each week.  Angie B. will get 4 extra money pouches to make collecting and storing money easier.
  2. Data base – There are several lists that need to be combined into one master list.  List from Neil with handwritten notes stating the amounts people owe as of 1/31/09.  List from Jock (with or without email addresses with all paid members highlighted) which was emailed to Board members about a month or so ago.  Handwritten list from Brana in a notebook of all her collections for the past couple of months.  List from Daryl of all people who have signed up online through our new website and Paypal.
  3. Collections Procedure – All required information will be directly placed onto the SDTTA laptop; Release and Waiver forms must be signed for each person who plays at SDTTA;  money will be collected (cash, check or credit card through paypal – don’t forget the security code); receipts will be given (one to member, one to treasurer, one to remain in the receipt booklet); yellow cards will be filled out, laminated, and given to the member with a reminder to carry it at all times.
Webmaster’s Report:  Daryl Sterling reported on the new SDTTA website.  It was devised based on his 8-month observation of what people actually look at.  Among the top rated were 1 – calendar; 2 – ratings; 3 – homepage; and 4 – tournaments.  Therefore, tournaments information have been added as well as new graphs (with full history and comparison with other players).  Players may upload a photo of themselves and update their own personal history.   The new website also has Paypal capabilities, but you would need a laptop with an internet connection to register members that way (or put in the info later).  Daryl will email the Board Members more detailed information on how to log on and get paypal information. Board Members – unexcused absences:  There was expression of concern that Priscilla Umel had another unexcused absence today.  Jock volunteered to give her a phone call and ask if she wants to resign from the board. Calendar: July 18, 2009 = California State Games (divided by age, not ratings); October = NATT Tournament; November = Club Tournament Linda Vista Training Facility:  4 to 6 tables – for alternate site when BPAC closed; for training programs; for summer clinics; to grow TT in San Diego.  Jerry Harris and Angie Bengtsson will write up for the supervisor and will present in front of their Rec Council on 2nd Tuesday of the month regarding having independent contract coaches (10% of fees go to Linda Vista) or volunteer coaches with a Special Use Permit (free if no fees charged by coaches).  SDTTA may use the facilities on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays from 10 to 12 and 1 to 3 or 4pm.  Some of the time must be open to the public.  We may be able to get more hours if other users leave because of the increase in use fees charged by the city starting in July.  [In the future, looking for a place for about 10 tables in North County…] Equipment Report:  Bill Cooper reported on the status of tables and nets.  Table prices have increased from $820 each to $900 each.  He was able to negotiate 6 tables for $720 each + freight.  Nets are usually $60 each.  He negotiated 10 nets for $40 each.  Total for 6 tables and 10 nets + freight = $4045 + $811.67 (Jerry H.).  If members are interested, SDTTA will include purchase of individual member’s tables with those of SDTTA for better pricing. Next Meeting:  June 16, 2009 at 7pm. Meeting adjourned.
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