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Meeting Minutes: 03-17-2009

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San Diego Table Tennis Association March  Board Meeting Minutes March 17, 2009 / 6:30p.m. / Balboa Park Activity Center – Board Meeting Room SDTTA BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jerry Harris, Priscilla Umel, Scott Roberts, Bill Cooper, James Kahn, Angie Bengtsson SDTTA BOARD MEMBERS MISSING: SDTTA MEMBERS ATTENDED: Mark Adelman CALL TO ORDER: By Jerry Harris at 6:30p.m. January 6, 2009, January 27, 2009, February 17, 2009 AGENDA: Provided by Jerry Harris ACTION ITEMS: Approval of Minutes: Angie motions to approve the  Minutes. Bill 2nd’s the motion with the following modifications and exceptions.  It was noted  the membership Fee Increase voted upon January 5, 2009 had a lively discussion.  We heard many opinions regarding the fee increase and Michael Jaynes took a unscientific poll of members.  He found no objections to the fee increase. All in favor – Yes (unamimous) Tournaments: A brief discussion about the San Diego Open hosted by NATT was discussed. The Board would like to sign at least 200 members to play the tournament. Tournament information will be published via email and internet. SDTTA will also be continuing to provide SDTTA members with discounted USATT memberships for $20. The California State games will be July 16-19.  Ron Spencer is the tournament director.   We have 250 postcards to distribute to encourage people to participate. REPORTS: Treasurer’s Report for February: Jerry Harris submitted the treasurer’s report.  It was accepted.  See attached The board discussed modifying the fee policy.  Jerry brought up a number of proposals including student rate, out of towner rates, summer rates and 3 month pass.  The only proposal that the board agreed to was that members could bring guests for free the first time.  Angie motioned, Bill Seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Training: The Board has not approved any subsidy for the junior players until we figure how the budget is going.  The board reviewed the training policy of using the first two rows and discussed which rows could have more than 4 tables.  Scott move and James 2nd motion for rows 1,4 and 5 to have up to 5 tables.  Motion passed unanimously. James Kahn left the meeting. Board Nominations: Mark Adelman was nominated by Angie to join the board.  Bill Cooper 2nd motion.  Motion passed unanimously. Board Positions: Angie moved that we rethink board positions since we have new board members.  Jerry agreed that would be a good idea and offered to step down as Chairman to open the field to other board members.  Angie moved the following board positions: Jerry:  Chairman Angie:  Executive Director Mark:  Treasurer James:  Vice President Bill:       Secretary Priscilla: Members Relation Scott:     Public Relations Bill 2nd the motion.  Vote 3-1-2 Yes votes:  Jerry, Angie & Bill No votes:  Priscilla Abstentions:  Scott & Mark The new positions will begin at the next meeting. Priscilla left the meeting. Chairperson’s Report: Jerry reported that Suresh Kanekar has agreed to review hardship waivers.  The Board discussed various criteria and appointed Jerry to speak with Suresh.  Board members agreed that Suresh would have wide discretions and his judgment will be final. The City is in the process of changing the fee structure for the BPAC.  Jerry and Angie are monitoring the meetings and Jerry has submitted a letter to the City requesting them to modify the initial proposal to be more users friendly. Equipment Report: Bill gave an update on the equipments and was authorized to purchase more large barriers.  He informed the board that they are back ordered and we do not know when they may come. The next board meeting will be April 21, 2009 at 7:00 pm. MEETING AJOURNED:

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