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Meeting Minutes: 01-19-2010

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting

January 19, 2010

7:00 PM

Balboa Park Activity Center Board Room

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA

Call to Order. SDTTA Board Members Present:  Bill Chang, Bill Cooper, Mark Adelman, Scott Roberts, James Caan, Borko Dragojlovic, Shelley Hardy. SDTTA Members Present (not the full meeting):  Angie Bengtsson, Daryl Sterling, & Branna. Approval of Minutes for November 17, 2009 needs an additional note that Gil Simons received a plaque for founder of our club. The SDTTA account has been transferred to Wells Fargo. The subject was brought up that the winners of our SDTTA tournament names need to be placed on name plates and put on our plaque.  James Caan is now aware of the need. Treasurer’s Report: Report placed on hold until the next board meeting on February 16 due to illness. Action Items:
  1. Pro Pay Electronic Device account is setup and active.  Mark Adelman showed us the device and how to use it.  Mark gave Bill Chang the pro pay credit card to access the acct and to make transactions.
  2. League Play-next league. James Caan invited Brianna and Earl to discuss plan and date for league play.  Tentatively the board voted to have league play on Fridays, with an entry fee of $20, and for it to start the first week of March.   Branna came to the meeting and stated that she would get together with Earl and come up with a plan by our next board meeting.
  3. Rules:  Multi Ball Location.  The board discussed that due to disruption to players when playing games that they are being disrupted by too many multi balls coming in to the space.  Therefore, the board member Bill Cooper made a motion and  it was seconded by James Caan to remind coaches of the guideline is for them to use tall back stops to catch the balls and to use the last two rows of our floor for multi ball coaches.  This guideline is to be put on the website.
  4. Tournaments:  The Recovery Tournament is set for February 6, 9 – 1 pm.  It is sponsored by the San Diego Recreational Center and Connie Hegley will be in charge of registering the participants.  SDDTA has the responsibility of running the tournament.  It is a double elimination tournament for recovery people.  Connie and an assistant will run the woman and beginners.  The SDTTA two members who will be Bill Cooper and his assistant will run the advanced players.
  5. Membership Renewal Report:  The total amount collected as of this meeting is $3,162. 37.  Some people who are experiencing hardship were discussed.  The agreement was reached that a board member was to take the partial payment and give receipt with the date and inform the board by e-mail and the chairman.
  6. Table Assignment for Membership renewals.  Due to a difference of opinion a new schedule was made for the board members to sign up members during the week.  Until the end of the month the following people volunteered to be at the assigned table to renew membership, sign up new members and collect for daily play:  Sunday – Mark, Monday – James, Tuesday – Mark,  Thursday – Bill Cooper, Friday – Borko, Saturday – Bill Chang.
The Chairperson’s report regarding Special Use Permit was submitted and he is waiting for the city’s response. The equipment report was given by Bill Cooper.  He stated that the nets that were purported to be the best ones are not the quality as thought.  Twenty National League Butterfly nets have been ordered at a good savings and will meet our needs for quality and long lasting nets.  We have a total of 18 new tall back stops in boxes.  The discussion to have satellite table tennis sites to loan our tables is placed on hold. Executive Director had no report. The discussion regarding the Stellan/Angie agreement with the SDTTA subsidizing the youth program which the club has been doing in the past was table until the next meeting because the discussion was going to take up too much time. Daryl gave the Webmaster’s report and said the running list of the members is available now.  The email address is SDTTA.org and Balboa Park is the password. The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bill Cooper and seconded by James Caan at 8:50 pm.
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