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Meeting Minutes: 01-11-2011

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San Diego Table Tennis Association

Board Meeting, 2010

January 11, 2011

Balboa Park Activity Center Board Room

This meeting is open to all members of the SDTTA.

Call to order by Mark at 7:05 pm.

SDTTA Board Members Present: Mark, James, Jock, Bill Chang, Borko, Ron Spencer, and Shelley SDTTA Members Present: Esteban Sandoval and Rashid Kazerooni. The approval of December 14 and28, 2010minutes was made by James and seconded by Jock. Communications not on the agenda have a limit of 3 minutes. Treasurer’s Report: Bill Chang passed out copy of Treasurer’s report to all members present and it was reconciled through to December 31, 2010. Bill also passed out a report comparing our expenses and collections for last year. He stated that we would have enough money in our savings to get us through for the next year as a worst case scenario. SDTTA members wanted to share their concerns about the club as a whole not making new people feel welcome. Rashid stated that some new people do not want to come back. Esteban wanted the board to know that there are concerns and possible ways to welcome new people. It was recommended that the board be proactive in welcoming new members. An action item will be added to the board agenda for February. Action Items: Introduction of new board members. Ron Spencer and Jock Oubichon were newly elected and James Kahn was reelected and all were welcomed to the SDTTA Board Meeting. Vote on new board positions: Chairman – Ron Spencer (will share equipment management with Borko) Vice Chairman – James Kahn Executive Director – Mark Adelman Treasurer – Bill Chang Secretary – Shelley Hardy Public Relations Director – Jock Oubichon Borko Dragojlovic – Member Relations (will share equipment management with Ron) All board positions were voted on and seconded by the Board. Only one abstention was duly noted for the Chairman position. Discuss Membership dues. Jock gave input about serving on the board in the past and the club was ready to branch out and start satellite facilities because we had the membership to support this move. Borko reemphasized that we need more members and then offer lessons periodically. Our membership is down and lowering fees will bring in past and new members so we can generate more money for the club. Ron Spencer stated that he believed that more people will join with lower fees and that the club will appeal to more people. Ron Spencer made a motion to reduce membership fees: $50 Adult $100 family (2 members and $10 additional up to total of $130) $30 Junior $ 5 Daily play $ 2 Daily play for Jr’s up to 17 $ 2 Guests from neighboring Mexico The motion was seconded by Jock and passed with one opposing vote by Mark. A motion was made by Ron and seconded by Shelley to revisit the new membership fee structure and donations at the July Board meeting. It was passed unanimously by the board. Discuss Jerry Harris’s email regarding rising city fees for BPAC rental space. There will be a BPAC board meeting February 1 at 6 pm and all SDTTA members are encouraged to attend. Mark and Jerry will draft a note to the city council encouraging them to keep BPAC open and financially low enough that we can afford to pay and play there at our current hours. Mark is proposing a possible joint letter with badminton and volleyball before the SD city council meets. Hardship membership. Suresh who is our representative that members can go to in case of a hardship came to the board about a member claiming hardship. The board passed and the membership was given free for this year to Richard (last name withheld out of respect to member). Discuss 501c Tax Deductable contributions through the Rec. Council. Mark and Jerry Harris will make this proposal to BPAC at the next meeting which is February 1. Rehab Tournament Sat, Feb 5th. Registration 9-9:30 am. Play 10 – 1pm. Connie Hegley is park official for this tournament. Borko, Shelley, and Esteban Sandoval are volunteering to help with this tournament. California State Games. Andre Scot volunteered to attend the meetings receive the materials and take notes. Earl will run the tournament. The board needs to know when the tournament is being held. Executive Director’s report. No report. Webmasters report. No report. The next meeting is February 8, 2011. Motion to adjourn was made by Jock and seconded by James. Respectfully Submitted, Shelley Hardy, SDTTA Secretary
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