American Income Life

May 17th, 2014
My name is Mark Adelman and I am a former Chairman and a current board member of SDTTA. In my professional life I am a Supervising Agent for American Income Life. We are looking for qualified candidates for positions with American Income Life. We are expanding our Agency. I can offer you an opportunity to interview for Management and Outside Sales with a potential earning average of $40-$60K first year. We have a Public Relations Dept. that is responsible for securing all of our leads. Here’s how it works. The PR Team has a business to business meetings with the group heads of Unions, Credit Unions, and Associations where they explain our programs. The Group votes on whether to pursue the relationship. The Group then signs a contract with American Income. A letter on the particular Groups Letterhead and a reply card goes out to all of their members, informing them of what is being made available. The reply card is filled out and returned to American Income if they want to receive our no cost benefits as well as other supplemental benefits they may qualify for. Our sales team only calls on the members who request to be seen by our representatives. American Income is part of the Torchmark Corporation, a $14 billion Company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. American Income has been in business for over 55 years and is nationally recognized as one of the significant of supplimental insurance in North America. We are located and licensed in all 50 states, New Zealand and Canada. Please call me at (619) 520-7575 at your earliest convenience. Mark Adelman Supervising Agent American Income Life (858) 450-9919