Equipment Care

Last Updated: October 28th, 2009

Greetings Members!

We are continuously monitoring the condition of our nets, tables and barriers in order to assure you the best training and playing experience—assisting us all in maximizing our competitive advantage, and assuring our place in the table tennis community as one of the top clubs in the country.
Please read these important reminders:
Please use care when moving equipment to and from the storage room, and during set-up/take down of tables, nets and barriers.
Barriers: Our Andro Barriers have taken considerable abuse since we replaced the cardboard barriers nearly 2 years ago. The legs and frames sometimes get bent leaving the vinyl sagging on the floor,  so let’s all remember to use appropriate care with our barriers to avoid this problem. Please do not “lean” on the barriers–or force them into place when returning to the storage room. This bends the frame and essentially ruins the barrier. Our “Biggie” Andro Barriers were custom made exclusively for the SDTTA. They are expensive to replace, so if we take care of them properly they should last for years.
Tables: Please take appropriate care when rolling the tables to and from storage. Tables get dinged up when they are bumped into the bleachers and the concrete pillars. Everybody likes a clean, smooth table top, so please do not sit on the tables and please don’t throw your racquet on the table–let’s keep that surface smooth, clean, and tournament ready!
Nets, Net Anchors & Net Baskets: When setting up your table for play, the net anchor should be firm, but lightly tightened, if they are twisted and over-tightened they tend to strip the threads on the posts, causing break down and also damage the table surface. The net should be pulled firmly, but again, not over tightened to the anchor–which stretches, tears, and eventually ruins the net, and/or breaks the chain anchors. The white net baskets mounted at the bottom of the tables are for the net storage only….please do not put tissue, or any type of trash in the net baskets. (If you see a new member having trouble with a net or setting up a table please offer assistance).
These few simple guidelines will keep our equipment in great shape and make for a more enjoyable table tennis experience.
Thanks for your cooperation and assistance, everyone benefits!
  1. Huan Nguyen
    October 13th, 2010 at 11:49pm | #1

    These are good rules, make more copy and post around the club house to make sure that everyone follows.

  2. bob carroll
    April 18th, 2013 at 6:18am | #2

    huan, i hope i have that right something tells me i was supposed to use your last name first.
    my wife and i bought a used but top of the line tables about 3 years ago and now the end and side lines are pulling up, can you tell me or give me a name or company where i could by another top!
    tell those youngsers to also keep their wheelchairs off the tables(but i bet they would have me sliced and diced in a game. many thanks. bob h6195625089 c8582545089.